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An important objective of the Centre of Research Excellence in Digestive Health is to work closely with industry partners to progress the science in the field and maximise the translation of research findings into clinical practice.

This may include:

  • Development and testing of novel diagnostic tests for clinical use (in vitro studies, spheroids, animal models, patient and population-based research)
  • Development and testing of novel therapies for disease (animal studies, Phase I-IV clinical trials)

The CRE team is exceptionally well placed to work with industry:

  • An outstanding track record in translational research
  • Leaders in the Australian health care system but also have substantial international experience
  • Very strong basic science through to clinical and epidemiological expertise
  • Leading translational research facilities
  • Strong links to national and international patient support groups
  • Internationally recognised scientists and clinicians
  • Leaders of professional organisations

The CRE has an extensive biobank of detailed clinical information and biological samples from very well characterised patients and people from the community, with and without digestive diseases for use in future research studies.

If you would like to know more about working with the CRE team, please contact us on: