Additional ausEE Inc. Funding Awarded to CRE Researchers

ausEE Inc. has awarded additional grant funding of $10,000 to Professor Guy Eslick, Professor Mike Jones, Professor Marjorie Walker and Professor Nicholas J. Talley from The University of Newcastle for continuation of their research project titled ‘Are disorders of gut-brain interaction (DGBI) due to EGIDs’. This study aims to assess the relationship between eosinophilic gastrointestinal disorders (EGIDs) and disorders of gut-brain interaction (DGBI). Disorders of gut-brain interaction (DGBI) include Functional Dyspepsia, Irritable bowel Syndrome, and Rumination Syndrome. This study may identify important new links between EGIDs and DGBIs that had not been previously reported. This may provide new information on the mechanisms by which eosinophils induce pathology and lead to new novel options for future treatment.