CRE Researchers Win at Higher Degree Research Festival

The University of Newcastle Higher Degree Research Festival provided the opportunity for CRE in Digestive Health affiliated PhD students and researchers to present their studies and findings as oral or poster presentations. Our diverse range of topics included:

Dr Grace Burns: Interactions of the novel duodenal isolate, Streptococcus salivarius AGIRA0003, and the duodenal barrier in functional dyspepsia patients

Jennifer Pryor: Antibiotic modulation of the gut microbiota alters immune response to certain food antigens

Nicole Simm:: The impact of hospital placement on diet-microbiome interactions in healthy medical students

Cheenie Nieva: The Impact of Dietary Interventions on the Microbiota in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases: A Systematic Review

Sophie Fowler: Altered peripheral CRY1 gene expression may contribute to gastrointestinal disease

Wai Sinn Soh: Peri-Operative Factors Affecting Natural Killer Cell Function and Their Role in Colorectal Cancer Recurrence and Metastasis (People’s Choice Poster Award)

Raquel Cameron: Eosinophils in Incidental Colonic Diverticulosis Study

Congratulations to all the students and researchers for their successful presentations, and to Joanne Soh for being awarded Peoples Choice Award.

You can see the full program for the day here.