The Poo Palace Made A Successful Return for Science Week

Queues lined up throughout Newcastle Museum on Sunday to take an exploratory, hands-on tour of the digestive system. Researchers from the Gastrointestinal Research Group from the CRE teamed up with the marketing and communications team and volunteers to put on a free event for the Newcastle Science Festival at the Newcastle Museum as part of National Science Week.

The Poo Palace experience included a journey through the digestive track where people were able to learn about the digestive process through a hands-on and interactive experience!

 The day was a huge success with well over 700 people “passing through” the poo palace. It was so popular the team ended up doing an extra hour and a half of shows to meet demand and it turned out to be a record-breaking day for the museum with the most visitors since they opened 11 years ago.

Thank you to all of “team poo” who attended and helped run the event on Sunday including Simon Keely, Bridie Goggins, Huw McCarthy, Christie Catley, Cheenie Nieva, Sophie Fowler, Jasmine Wark, Jennifer Pryor,  Laura Dowling, Joanne Soh, Isaac Moore, Tamara Shardlow, Meldi Arkinstall, Patricia Alfaro, Mick Newton, Libby Rogers-McPhee, Irene Lojszczyk and Nicole Alfaro.

NBN news also visited the event- you can check it out via the video below!