CRE team present at 2022 Dietitians Australia conference in Adelaide

Two of the CRE Digestive Health team’s Accredited Practising Dietitians presented at the 2022 Dietitians Australia conference in Adelaide this week.

Georgina Williams shared her findings from a qualitative study she conducted as part of her PhD in Nutrition and Dietetics (University of Wollongong, Principal supervisor Professor Eleanor Beck). Georgina investigated the perspectives of dietitians and consumers about “What is gut health and what dietary factors influences it?”. While both groups interviewed considered gut health to be topical and important, consumers believed fermented foods and probiotics were the most beneficial foods for gut health, while dietitians focused on high fibre food based guidance. Georgina concluded that the current interest of media and consumers in gut health provides a welcome opportunity for dietitians to reframe dietary guidance towards personalised recommendations when consulting with clients around gut related issues.

Dr Kerith Duncanson presented on behalf of University of Newcastle PhD Nutrition and Dietetics, Lisa Urquhart. Kerith shared insights about the co-design of research investigating the strength of the Aboriginal health and wellbeing program ‘Spring into shape’ in Gumbaynggirr country on the Mid North Coast of NSW. Kerith shared about the processes and Aboriginal community engagement approaches that have been used in this research over the past three years, which she hopes will inspire and build confidence amongst dietitians who are collaborating with Aboriginal communities and researchers. This project aligns with the Nutraditions study being conducted by the CRE Digestive Health, which we will be sharing more information about on the website very soon.